2016 Project Achievement Award

    NOMINATION Instructions

    General Information

    The annual Construction Management Project Achievement Awards program recognizes outstanding achievement in the practice of construction management.  The awards program is designed to recognize and promote professionalism and excellence in the management of the construction process.  Awards will be given to CM practitioners for projects and programs that reflect this mission.  To be eligible, projects, programs, or program phases must have achieved substantial completion during the period starting March 1, 2015 and ending February 1, 2016. This competition is open to all Construction Management Association of America (CMAA) members and non-members.  Multiple entries from one firm are accepted.  Entries may be submitted in more than one category and may be awarded in more than one category.  Separate nomination packages must be submitted for each category of nomination if submitted in more than one category.  All projects must be constructed in the San Diego Chapter membership region which includes San Diego and Imperial Counties and a portion of Riverside County. (Areas encompassing zip codes beginning with 919-922 and 92536 and 92599).

    All entries must be received by CMAA by Friday, February 12, 2016, 4:00 p.m.

    The entry process is only an electronic submission.  Each entry shall be delivered to the address below and shall consist of the following:

    1. The 2016 Project Achievement Awards Entry Form along with the entry fee.  Checks only.

    2. The project descriptions package must be submitted as a single PDF document (version 7.0 or later) and provided on a FlashDrive.  Ensure the FlashDrive is clearly marked or placed in an envelope which clearly shows the name of the project and submitting company.  See Entry Requirements below for details.

    3. Include on the FlashDrive:  the project description PDF, a separate Microsoft DOC word file (not PDF) containing a one-paragraph description of the project, highlighting the significant points of the project.

    4. Include 3-4 pictures of the project as high-resolution JPG or EPS files.

    Deliver Submission Package to:

    Doug Cook
    Michael Baker Intl.
    9755 Clairemont Mesa Boulevard, Suite 100
    San Diego, CA 92124

    Entry fees payable to:

    CMAA San Diego Chapter


    CMAA San Diego Chapter Office:  562-434-8409 or email

    Include an entry fee with each entry nomination package.  Entries will not be judged unless the entry fee has been paid.  Entry fees are $250/members, $450/non-members.  All entries become the property of CMAA San Diego Chapter and will not be returned.  The information and images submitted may be used for promotional purposes by CMAA.

    The Project Achievement Awards Committee is composed of owners and professional construction managers.  In judging the entries, the Committee will consider outcomes, overall management, safety, quality management, cost management, schedule management, complexity, innovation and creativity, and customer satisfaction as the basis for the award.  This is a competitive process.  Be sure to present your entry in the most complete and thorough manner possible. 

    The judging process will take place in late February.  Notification will be made in early March to each submitting firm.  Those firms whose entries were not selected will receive judges’ comments for use in future nominations.

    The 2016 Project Achievement Awards will be presented at the CMAA Awards Banquet and Scholarship Dinner to be held on April 28, 2016, in San Diego. Following this presentation, all award winners will be recognized on the CMAA San Diego Chapter website.  

    Award Categories and Sizes

    Transportation (includes highways, transit, airports, ports, etc.) with:

    • Constructed value less than $5 Million

    • Constructed value between $5 Million and $15 Million

    • Constructed value greater than $15 Million

    Public Works (includes water, wastewater, flood control, parks, etc.) with:

    • Constructed value less than $5 Million

    • Constructed value between $5 Million and $15 Million

    • Constructed value greater than $15 Million

    Buildings (includes education, health care, research, offices, commercial, residential, hospitality, federal, state, county, city, etc.) with:

    • New Construction

      • Constructed value less than $25 Million

      • Constructed value greater than $25 Million

    • Renovation/Modernization

      • Constructed value less than $10 Million

      • Constructed value greater than $10 Million

    Program Management

    • Infrastructure (highways, transit, airports, ports, public works, parks, etc.)

    • Buildings 

    Entry Requirements

    Entry this year has changed to a completely electronic format.  Each entry nomination project description package must follow these guidelines:

    • Three (3) copies of the FlashDrive of nomination in PDF (7.0 or later) file format

    • Photos should be provided as separate JPG files.

    • Supporting materials available as hard copies, such as newspaper clips, should be scanned and incorporated into the PDF.

    • 8-1/2” x 11” portrait page size, minimum 10 point font, 1” margins

    • Entry form completed and inserted as the first page

    Write all narratives clearly and concisely.  Provide information that best illustrates the merits of the entry with respect to the criteria.  Complete all questions as each criterion will be evaluated and missing information will have an adverse effect on your score.  Indicate N/A if a question is not applicable.  The weight in scoring for each tabbed section is included in the requirements along with the maximum number of narrative pages allotted for each tabbed section.  Be aware that if the text in a section is longer than the specified page limit, only the number of pages within the limit will be judged.

    You are encouraged to supplement the entry with printed images and other supporting material such as press reports, awards information and recognition, and letters from clients.  All supplemental materials must be contained within the PDF; however, any supplemental materials you submit are not included in the maximum page limits stipulated for each tabbed section.  For photographs, please include full credit information.

    Tab 1:  Team Information (2-page text maximum) 

    Provide name, address, phone, & email for each individual listed below. Email required.

    • Owner/Client:

    • Construction Management Firm:

    • Construction Management Key Team Members:

    • Architect/Engineer:

    • Builder:

    • Design-Builder:

    • Other Key Stakeholders:

    Tab 2:  Project Description (10-page text maximum; 25% scoring weight)

    • Delivery Method:

      • CM-at-Risk, Design-Build, Design-Bid-Build, CM multiple primes, other.

    • Market:

      • Health Care, Research, K-12, Higher Education, Justice, Commercial, Residential, Hospitality, Industrial, Federal, Civilian, DOD, City/County/State Government, Highway/Bridge, Transit, Public Works, Airport, Marine Port, Public Works, other.

    • General Description: (Provide brief narrative on each topic below.)

      • Scope of project/program;

      • Type of construction materials;

      • Building systems; and

      • Means and methods.

    • Complexity:

      • Describe unique characteristics of the project/program, including challenges, restraints, solutions to problems, and achievements.

    • Awards:

      • Indicate and describe any awards project/program has received from other industry or professional organizations.

    • Safety

      • Provide the overall job safety record for the project in terms of “Injury free work days as a percentage of the project total work days”

    • Project Innovation

      • Describe one or more Innovations that this project implemented that would distinguish it from your competition.

    • CM Achievement

      • Describe some event or practice that illustrates a unique achievement in the practice of construction management.

    • Customer Satisfaction:

      • Provide any letters received by the client, A/E, users, and other key stakeholders.

    Tab 3:  Overall Management(20-page text maximum; 75% scoring weight)

    • Management Efforts: 

      • Quality Management:

        • Approach to quality control/quality assurance during all phases contracted for, i.e. pre-design, design, etc.

      • Cost Management:

        • Approach to cost controls during all phases contracted for, i.e. pre-design, design, etc.

        • Provide change order data and discussion.  Describe any growth addressing % owner’s changes, % differing site conditions, and % errors and omissions.

        • Identify claims, if any, and mitigation efforts and results along with the approach to conflict resolution.

      • Schedule Management:

        • Discussions of schedules successes including changes in the original schedule (reasons for delays, extensions in time or acceleration).

      • Safety Management:

        • Identify number of accidents, if any, and mitigation efforts and results.

    • Innovation and Creativity:

      • Describe innovation and creativity, if any, employed by the CM on this project/program including the use of new technology, unique means and methods, unique ways of resolving problems or conflicts, electronic/Web-based management systems, etc.

    • Customer Service:

      • Identify any special or unique owner/client needs addressed by the CM firm for this project/program.  Briefly summarize in what specific ways the nominated project/program is an example of the successful application of CM services, principles, and standards of practice in meeting the needs of the owner/client.

    2018 Project Achievement Award Cover Sheet

    2018 Project Achievement Award Entry Form for Members

    2018 Project Achievement Award Entry Form for Non-Members